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Brett Jones - Vocals, Guitars, etc
Adam Mercer - Organ
Teddy Roberts - Drums
Sam Harris - Upright Bass
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Colin Birkett
Artwork by Michael Burdick


released December 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Brett Ayala Jones Los Angeles, California


Guitar for

I sleep next to a glass of water I never finish.

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Track Name: Bullet Holes
I've got a nasty disposition
Two paint coats
But the writing's on the wall
Yea, I'll fill your prescription
But this time
No, I can't break your fall
I'm counting bullet holes in my shoe
But I swear my aim is true
You see, lovers they aren't rapists
Oh no, but they're destructive just the same
No, scarecrows they aren't sadists
They're just pieces in a game
I make her feel all alone
But I'm afraid of being on my own

I fed my body to the wolves
My bones washed to the sea
I still find them at my door
Yea they still come knocking
Bloated wolves digesting
Wolves with bones in their teeth
But it's not me
No not any more
Track Name: Sweet Tooth
I have the hardest time
Being who I've become
Sometimes it just don't sit right
There's just so much I've done
That I don't want anyone
To know so I keep the lid tight
Well I kept on rolling
Since the day my heart turned stone
There's just something about it
My brain it starts to rot
From sitting in one spot
So I guess I'll just keep on moving
But when all I've done is forgotten
And they lose the spelling on a name
Well the world'll keep on spinning
And it'll be just the same

If I could learn to float
Just for the time being
Well, I'd let this spinning world
Bring you to me
But we're all stuck like glue
Dependent on fossil fuel
To move our stagnant bodies
But when all that fuel's been burnt up
And the ozone curses our name
Well our cars will all still be running
And it'll just the same

Woe is my sweet tooth cavity
I chew them up and stick them
Where no one can see, I am
Worried I'm not sorry, but I'll
Be damned just as well
Digesting my anxiety
Proved troublesome coupled with
All my cheap whiskey, I am
Sorry I'm not worried, but I will be
'Cause I gotta go home soon
But it's so cold in my room
With out you
Well I gotta go home soon
But I'm so sick
Of not coming home to you